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Passivity and Lack of initiative (Weaknesses of the Filipino Character)

Passivity and Lack of initiative. Filipinos are generally passive and lacking in initiative. One waits to be told what has to be done. There is strong reliance on others (e.g. leaders , government) to do things for us. this is related to one’s attitude towards authority. Filipinos have a need for a strong authority figure and feel safer and more secure in the presence of such an authority. One is generally submissive to those in authority and is likely to raise issues or to question decisions.

Filipinos tend to be complacent and there is rarely a sense of urgency about any problem. There is high tolerance foe in efficiency, poor service, and even violations of one’s basic rights.in many ways, it can be said that the Filipino is too patient and long-suffering (matiisin). Too easily resigned to one’s fate, Filipinos are thus easily oppressed and exploited.