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Flexibility, Adaptability, and Creativity (Strength of Filipino Personality)

Flexibility, Adaptability, and Creativity. Filipinos have a great capacity to adjust and to adapt to circumstances and the surrounding environment, both physical and social. Unplanned and anticipated events are never overly disturbing or disorienting as the flexible Filipino adjust to whatever happens. We posses a tolerance for ambiguity that enable us to remain unfazed by uncertainty or lack of information. We are creative, resourceful, quick learners, and have the ability to improvise and make use of whatever is on hand in order to create and produce.
This quality of the Filipino is manifested in the ability to adapt to life in any part of the world, in the ability to make new things out of old scraps, in the capacity to keep old machines running and of course in the creative talent manifested in the cultural sphere. It is likewise seen in the ability to accept change.