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Faith and Religiosity (Strength of Filipino Personality)

Faith and Religiosity. Filipinos have a deep faith in God. Our innate religiosity enables us to comprehend and genuinely accept reality in the context of God’s will plan. Thus, tragedy and bad fortune are accepted and some optimism characterizes even the poorest lives.
Filipinos live very intimately with religion. It is tangible, and touchable-----a part of everyday life. we ascribe human traits to a supernatural God whom we alternately threaten and thank, call upon for mercy or forgiveness, and appease by pledges. Thus, prayer is an important part of our lives.

The faith of the Filipinos are related to bahala na which, instead of being viewed as defeatist resignation, may be considered positively as a reservoir of psychic energy, an important psychological prop on which we can lean during hard times. This “pampalakas loob” allow us to act despite uncertainty.