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Lack of Self-Analysis and Self-Reflection (Weaknesses of the Filipino Character)

Lack of Self-Analysis and Self-Reflection. There is a tendency in the Filipino to be superficial and even somewhat flighty. In the face of serious problems, both personal and social, there is lack of analysis or reflection. We joke about the most serious matters and this prevents looking deeply into the problem. There is no felt need to validate our hypotheses or explanation of things. Thus, we are satisfied with superficial explanations and superficial solution to problems.
Related to this is the Filipino emphasis on form (porma) rather than on substance. There is a tendency to be satisfied with rhetoric and to substitute this for reality. Empty rhetoric and endless words are very much part of public life. as long as the right things are said, as long as the proper documents and reports exist, as long are deluded into believing that what ought to be actually exist.